Decades ago, the Coast Guard used to answer both emergency and nonemergency calls. But in 2016, you can no longer rely on the CG to come out of any situation – in fact, the only reason the Coast Guard can respond is if the boat is in danger of being lost; or that human lives are in imminent danger. In that situation, a mayday call should be placed without hesitation; a pan-pan call is appropriate when there is a situation that is not currently life threatening but will escalate to such if there is not a rescue within the near future.When To Call For A Tow

For every other situation, having a Sign and Gide membership is an excellent way to guarantee that if you are stranded, you will have the help that you need. Considering that tow can cost hundreds of dollars and membership costs under $100 for the year for unlimited tows, why wouldn’t you? Here are some of the top reasons people call us.

  • You need a tow from your home dock to a repair facility.
  • You have line or other debris tangled in the prop and cannot entangle it
  • You have run aground on a sandbar.
  • You have run out of gas, need more oil, or need a jump start.
  • Your engine has died due to bad fuel or some other mechanical reason
  • You are having trouble making it through a shallow spot of water or narrow channel, or require an escort

Please note that Sign and Glide does not provide salvage services.

Other towing services may not cover all required towing charges, but you can rest assured that you will incur no additional charges when you call Sign and Glide. Should it be necessary to pay the provider at the time of service, we will reimburse you promptly. You can go boating with confidence when you partner with Sign and Glide. If there is imminent danger, call the Coast Guard. For everything else, call Sign and Glide!