towing a boat

If you live in Florida, you either own a boat – or have good friends who own a boat. With over 30,000 lakes, 11,000 miles of inland waterways and 1,350 miles of coastline,  boating is a way of life in this state. Owning a boat is like owning any other vehicle  – you must be prepared to deal with mechanical issues. However, being out on the water adds an extra dimension that makes it even more imperative to be prepared in the event of something going wrong.  It is important to know the procedures and costs involved with towing a boat in Florida before you go out in the water.

Good to Know: While many may think that a newer boat will rarely break down, the industry reports that nearly 60% of tows involve boats with less than 100 hours running time. With more and more advanced computer systems on boats, the likelihood of the average boater getting the vessel running again – when a sensor fails, for instance – is highly unlikely.

In general terms,  the Coast Guard will only respond to a boater in true distress. The Coast Guard will usually defer to the commercial towing industry if the boat is having mechanical issues, the passengers are not in immediate danger, or it is determined that the boat owner is simply trying to avoid towing costs.  Just how much does it cost to have your boat towed off the water? There are many variables – such as type of vessel, and distance to the closest marina or dock which must be considered. Many towing  companies offer “portal to portal” rates, meaning they charge by the hour; billable from the time the tow boat leaves their dock, until the time it returns.  Depending on how far you are from their station, an average tow is estimated to fall between $300 and $400 dollars per incident.

You can avoid the uncertainty and high cost of towing a boat in Florida with one simple membership with Sign & Glide. For only $99 per year, we will tow your qualifying vessel as many times as is needed, and there are no additional or hidden fees.  No need to worry about hourly rates or distance charges – you will be towed to the nearest accessible port or dock where the vessel can be repaired or removed from the water. You’ll never pay additional money to get your boat to safety unless you choose to be towed to a dock located further away. It’s all pretty simple and easy; but please read here for further explanation.

In Florida, there is nothing better than a day on the water. And with a Sign & Glide membership, you can enjoy the experience without worry. We’ll be there to assist if needed, and we won’t empty your wallet to do it. Call or sign up online today, and never worry about being stranded or towing a boat again.