Spring Boating Prep for the Family

Spring is the season that brings warmer weather and new growth. The season also means longer days which is perfect for a good boating season. Boaters are able to wake up later and enjoy longer hours of sunlight into the evenings. When it comes to spring cleaning and prep for your vessel, this can mean a lot of tedious work. Cleaning, waxing, charging batteries, stocking cabin provisions – the list could go on and on. But to get the whole family prepared and excited for another boating season is all about safety, education, and the right products!


Kids love to be a part of the trip planning that takes place before and during boating season. Now is an excellent time to start planning summer trips with your whole family. What are the top priority places to visit during the summer? Who would you like to invite with you our on the boat? These are great questions to involve the whole family. This will reduce any stresses and eliminate inconsistencies when taking a trip out on the boat.


Spring is an awesome time to sharpen up on swimming skills, especially for the children. Water safety is crucial with any boat outing. An important part of water safety is having the correct gear. Checking your life jacket supply at the beginning of every new boating season is a must. Do you have the right size life jackets as your children grow? Does a jacket need to be replaced due to wear and tear? These are excellent questions to ask before your outing, as you may need to make the appropriate adjustments. Among other safety equipment, it is very important to remember proper sun protection. Sunscreens do expire. Please be sure to check that your SPF materials are stocked and fresh for a new boating season. Nothing can put a damper into a great boating trip like a nasty burn from the sun.


Developing an appreciation for the environment and outdoors builds practical skills. This is true for both children and adults. There is always something new to be learned from the waters. Spring is a nice time to asses what skills your children can learn this boating season. As their skills progress, you may try giving them a new task to do out on the boat. This creates a sense of responsibility. Not to mention the children get very excited about being in charge of something on the boat! Lifelong memories can be made during any boat outing.


Experienced family boaters will have these items and more locked down by a few seasons. For others that are new at taking their children, or their children’s friends and others out for the first time, it can seem hectic. A really great tip to keep in the back of your pocket is to explain the rules first. That way you can avoid spending the first trip out on the boat just telling the children what they can’t do. Explaining the rules and procedures first will let the children grasp the concept that boating is while very fun, it can be dangerous if rules aren’t followed. Safety, education, and the proper gear will eliminate your worries so you and the whole family can enjoy your trip out on the water.


Happy Spring boating season!