Progressive Insurance is known for listening to its clients. So when boaters requested that better coverage was provided for boat towing, the insurance behemoth listened – and came to Sign and Glide for a partnership to improve their On-Water Towing coverage for their client base.

Up until this strategic affiliation of the two companies, Progressive only provided reimbursement coverage to boaters. In that scenario, it was up to the stranded boater to find a tow boat provider, pay for the tow out of pocket, and then file the necessary paperwork to the insurance company for reimbursement. Customers of Progressive told the company that they didn’t think the coverage was good enough. Progressive listened.

Through their partnership with Sign & Glide, Progressive now offeBoat Towing Insurance $60/YRrs boaters a comprehensive, no hassle solution. If a boat becomes stranded, grounded or runs out of fuel – one call to Progressive’s dispatch center is inclusive. A tow vehicle will be sent, and the towing operator will be paid directly by the insurance company, with no out of pocket expense to the boater.

Progressive announced to all current On-Water Towing customers that their coverage automatically converted to Sign &  Glide, and no further action was required. As with all Sign & Glide memberships, coverage is generally $30 per year, ranging up to $50 for Florida mariners. 

Sign & Glide is proud to be affiliated with Progressive Insurance to provide boaters with comprehensive, affordable protection on the water. Contact Sign & Glide today to obtain your coverage and be protected on all your boating excursions.