There is nothing quite like sailing – clear skies, blue water and the freedom of the wind in your hair. Sailing is an activity that people of all ages enjoy, and it is also an eco-friendly pastime – day sailing or cruising for vacation, sailboats are a magnificent option for those who can’t get enough of the open water.  Sailboats are propelled by the wind ( for the most part); utilizing sails to harness the energy of the wind, transforming it into power that moves the boat through the water.

If you are looking to get started in sailing, how do you choose your first boat? While a dinghy or simple single-masted boat with two sails – known as a sloop – is often recommended as a great entry vessel, for adults this boat may capsize too easily. A better choice may be a keelboat ranging between 22 and 27 foot. This option is relatively affordable, spacious and is safe for a beginner sailor. A boat this size will be easy to operate, but still have capacity for guests, and plenty of room for gear. Whether a day-trip or an overnight excursion, you can bring what you need, and have access to an icebox, head (toilet) and vessel depending, cooking capability. Keep in mind that because your skills will likely develop rather rapidly with practice, you’ll probably want to consider a vessel that has a bit of performance in it. Ask other local sailors  what boats are popular and have potential for speed. Looking to upgrade? Here is a quick round up of the types of sailboats available – depending on your skill level and desired use, you’ll want to choose the one that is right for you.

* Sailing Dinghy – built for only one or two people, this small boat (under 15 feet) is often competitively raced, and is not recommended if you like to stay dry!

  • Day Sailers live up to their name. Generally 14-20 feet in length, they have limited storage and room for up to 4 people
  • A Cruising Sailboat can run from 16 to 50 feet in length, and have cabins that will accommodate longer journeys. Boats over 26 feet in length generally having cabins with standing headroom.
  • Racer Cruisers provide some comforts for overnight cruising, but are trimmed for competitive racing as well. They are generally 25 feet and over
  • Racing Sailboats have limited accommodations and limited comfort, but are built for speed. They are available from 20 to 70 foot in length.
  • Motorsailers are sailboats that are also powered with inboard engines, enabling long cruises under power or sail. They have luxury accommodations and usually 35 feet and over.

Sailboats Towing Service

So what will it be? Fast, comfortable, spacious or lean – there is a sailboat for you. Of course, just like any other boat, you’ll want to make sure that you are proficient in safety procedures, carrying all the appropriate safety gear, and well prepared for changes in weather and other emergencies. Sign & Glide is an integral part of any safety procedure – keep our number handy, and we will be here If you need us.