If you have decided to purchase a boat, there are many options available to you. Your selection will rely primarily on your purpose for the boat – long term trips, day excursions, fishing or water sports, there is a boat perfect for your lifestyle. One type of vessel that is popular with families and those that love to socialize is the pontoon boat. A pontoon boat is lightweight; with the hull of the boat built on tubes (pontoons) and an aluminum frame which attaches the pontoons to the deck platform. The platform is constructed from wood, aluminum or fiberglass, with a railing surroundPontoon Boat Towing Insuranceing the entire deck. The pontoons taper towards the front of the boat, facilitating movement and speed in the water.

A pontoon boat is appropriate for group fishing, family outings and even parties. In essence, the pontoon’s main advantage for those who purchase one is its ability to accommodate a lot more people than another type of boat. While these vessels have had a reputation for being a bit clunky and tedious, the new class of pontoons is much more sleek and ready to entertain. Pontoon boat decks range from 16 feet to 27 feet. Smaller boats accommodate up to 8 and are more appropriate for calm bodies of water; the larger versions can accommodate up to 15 people comfortably and the longest pontoons can handle rougher waters.

There are many amenities you can choose from when purchasing a pontoon boat, so it is important to think about your likely usage for the vessel. For instance, you can have the sundeck padded  if its primary purpose is sunbathing, while ample seating arranged for conversation is great for parties. Ask for durable marine grade vinyl to resist fading, cracking and mold/mildew. If people are likely to swim, make sure there is a ladder for easy access on and off the boat; and fishermen will probably want to add fishing chairs on the front deck, as well as a live well and fish locator.  A sound system is also a great way to provide the ambiance for whatever activity is occurring at the time! If you live in a place that the weather may change rapidly, external tops may be a great option; toilets, changing rooms, storage space and even carpeting are other available amenities.

Pontoon boats cover a wide range of price points based on vessels ranging from stark utility to well-appointed entertaining. But regardless of price, usage or purpose, we recommend a Sign and Glide membership – whether on a large lake or out on the Bay, you’ll always have the assurance of help should you become stranded. Call Sign and Glide today, and find out just how affordable it is to purchase peace of mind.