National Safe Boating Week is right around the corner! From May 20-26 we will be recognizing the importance of safe boating for all. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend (May 29) The North American Safe Boating Council is offering tons of resources for helpful tips and guidelines to boating safety.

One of the biggest perks offered around this time of year is a free vessel safety check offered by The U.S. Coast Guard and Auxiliary.  There is no charge, and no consequences if you do not pass! A certified boat safety check will bring you peace of mind on the water.

Please follow this link to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary site to register for your vessel check 

Boating accidents have gone up in the recent years, Florida, California, and New York being the states with the highest accident rates. Accidents usually spike during holiday boating weekends, such as Memorial Day.


Find more statistics regarding boating incidents here!


It is no surprise that 85% of all boating deaths resulted in those not wearing their life jackets. Be smart this holiday weekend, wear your life jacket! Strapping the kids in for a boat ride is some what routine for most, but adults and pets should also be wearing proper life jackets and safety equipment. Just because you or your pet can swim, does not mean they are invincible to accidents and other incidents on the water.

Education is the most important factor in safe boating. Did you know about 71% of all boaters have never taken a boating education course? Finding a local boating course is quick and easy. The knowledge one gains from the course can save your life and others out on the water.

Please use this resource to help find a boating course either locally, or online. Get educated!