Whether you are fishing on Lake Okeechobee, cruising around the Gulf of Mexico or taking the yacht out for a day on the Atlantic Ocean – Florida offers some of the best boating many premiere opportunities. Access is unparalleled, with nearly 14,000 miles of shoreline, lakes, rivers and streams – meaning there are few places that can rival Florida as a boating paradise. When towing your boat to your favorite spot or seeking out a new adventure – especially if you are visiting Florida from another state – it is important to know the local laws. This list of ordinances is meant to be informative, but is in no way comprehensive – we recommend you confirm the rules for towing before you hit the Florida roadways!

  • Speed limit while towing: Posted speed limits apply
  • Maximum dimensions for the trailer : 40′ length, 8’6″ width, 13’6′ height
  • Maximum overall length: 65 feet
  • Weight requiring separate trailer brakes:  3,000+
  • Required equipment includes safety chains, brake lights, taillights, clearance lights and license lights
  • Turn signals are required on the trailer, as are reflectors and breakaway brakes.
  • Two trailers are not legal
  • No separate insurance is required on the trailer, check with insurance carrier to make sure it is covered under the vehicle insurance
  • For questions, call the Boating Administrator at 850-617-9544.

Towing and hitching gear and the installation of this equipment is regulated by law. Keeping up to date on Florida laws is the best way to stay safe and legal on the way to your boating excursion. After all, the sailing and fishing fun on Florida waters can’t begin until you arrive! And to make sure nothing ruins your day when you are out there, make sure your Sign and Glide membership is up to date – don’t ever go out alone, take Sign & Glide!

Florida Boat Towing