Fishing Boats

It is estimated that over 55 million Americans enjoy fishing annually; and they spend about $1.5 billion on fishing gear and tackle alone. One of the most popular ways to fish is out on the open water – from kayaks to deep sea vessels, there are nearly as many reasons for owning boats as there are boat owners. Everyone has a reason, from leisurely family outings, to exhilarating water-skiing; from inter-island cruising to commercial purposes. The reason you own your boat will largely dictate the type of boat you choose – and for fishermen, this is certainly true. Deep sea fishing or trolling the grass flats, your boat is an important piece of gear, and as such any purchase should be considered in regards to your goals.

For most recreational fisherman, there are a lot of types of boats to choose from. Jon boats and dinghies are simple and no-frills; they are generally for a singular fisherman (maybe two) and are easy to maneuver and transport. These boats are ideal for those who just want to get out and commune with nature without a lot of conversation. Flatboats are also simple in design, and are engineered to navigate very shallow water and flats, especially in coastal areas.

If the primary purpose of your boat is fishing, consider having both an outboard motor and a trolling motor. An outboard will allow you to  cover large distances in no time; while the trolling motor keeps the boat moving more slowly when fishing lines are in the water .

If you want to fish with friends and family, there are several options as well; many of these vessels can be utilized for either water sports or fishing, which makes them a very versatile choice. Bowriders have a large, open bow area that can accommodate between 6 and 10 people; deck boats, as the name suggests, offers a large open deck and a powerful engine, making fishing with a group an easy adventure. Houseboats or inboard cruisers allow you to bring the entire family on your fishing excursion, while offering them many of the comforts of home.

Perhaps the best boats for fishing are the walkaround and sport fishing varieties. Built exclusively for fishing, a walkaround provides the room and amenities that will keep the crew comfortable; while a sport fishing boat has all the modern techie toys that will allow you to track, find and catch fish successfully.

However and whereever you fish, don’t forget to bring another important piece of gear – your Sign and Glide membership. We are your back-up just in case anything goes wrong and you need our assistance – except the big one that gets away. We can’t help you with that.