Christmas Boat Parade

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is one of the most magical holidays we celebrate, full of traditions, family and friends, and glittering lights everywhere you look. For a boater, Christmas offers the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular events of the year across the US – the Christmas boat parade, which gives new meaning to the words “parade floats”. This year, start a new holiday tradition by joining in the fun – whether participating or watching from the perfect vantage point. Here are a few of the parades we suggest you check out:


Newport Beach, CA is holding its 107th Annual Christmas Parade in 2015. With over one million yearly spectators and such a rich legacy, the New York Times has named this boat parade as one of the Top 10 Christmas events in the country – of any kind! Considering all the amazing things to do in this season, that’s quite an honor. You can expect temperatures in the low to mid 50s; perfect for hot chocolate as you view the longest procession of boats – from yachts to canoes – in the nation.


While Hawaii doesn’t hold the longest, or the biggest, or the most famous boat parade – they do have quite a few of them! Oahu alone has 20 holiday boat parades, kicked off by the Waikiki event. And why not? With so much beautiful water to sail, it is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in paradise. Santa himself arrives to the Islands every year in a canoe, and many of the boats exhibit a cultural and historical Polynesian flair. There are officially 2 parades off the big Island, 2 off Kaui, and the aforementioned 20 on Oahu. So pull up a spot, kick back and enjoy the holidays, Hawaii style.


While Florida may be the boat parade capital of the world – which makes sense, given all the coastline – the biggest Christmas parade in the state is likely Fort Lauderdale’s Winterfest Boat Parade, now in its 41st year.  Lauded by many as the best Florida has to offer for the holidays, the event is billed as “the greatest show on H2O”. Entry fees starting at only $35 will put you right in the middle of the parade, which boasts 1 million live spectators and 8 million viewers via television. With celebrity guests and all the glitz of South Florida, this is a spectacular way to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.


From east to west, there are waterfront destinations ready to help you celebrate the holidays. Wherever you travel, Sign and Glide is with you, should you need assistance. Call us today to find out how our affordable coverage options can give you peace of mind as you explore our country’s waters.

Christmas Boat Parade 2

We wish you an awe inspiring Christmas season.